Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What WON'T Picky eat?

My Picky has a serious list of foods he won't eat.

beans (of ANY kind, except green beans)
duck, lamb, or most "exotic" meats (I did get him to eat buffalo burgers and meatloaf)
brussel sprouts

Anyone else got a list?


Miss Teresa said...

Okay, let's see
No fish or seafood
No sour cream, mayonnaise, cream cheese, or anything else white and creamy except Alfredo sauce.
No canned vegetables
No hot cereals at all and cold cereals only dry.
No chip dips but Pace picante
Only Smucker's Strawberry Jelly

This list used to include
No cabbage (now he'll eat it occasionally)
No eggs (again, if scrambled dry w/ onions and peppers he'll eat them now)
No curries (still doesn't like the yellow kind though)

so he's mellowing with time :) And he's pretty good about not making a big deal about not eating these things, so DD will eat things he won't, even though she has a lot of the same texture issues.

Hilary said...

Good ones! I was hoping these lists would trigger me to remember more of Picky's.

No cereal with milk, only dry. No hot cereal.

No jelly or fruity desserts.

There's a lot of onlies. I am going to do a list soon about onlies. He will only eat eggs scrambled well with cheese. No fried, poached, boiled, coddled, and even an omelet is iffy. One of our biggest food arguments was about me putting onions in his eggs.

Jennifer said...

Ahhh! My picky. I love him but he drives me bananas! He will actually eat bananas though.

On the no list:

Potatoes. Yeah. WTF?!?! Who in the hell doesn't like potatoes? ARgggghhh.
Asparagus might be ok if he likes the sauce on them and the kind of sauce he likes on them changes often and without warning.
cabbage (I'm not a big fan though so I don't care)
peas (what are you? three years old?)
Sour cream
Avocados in any form
any national brand salsa
anything inexpensive
canned beans
eggs unless they are in fried rice
anything lowfat and healthy (ok, I'm exaggerating here...)
reheated rice
reheated anything, even a casserole that's better (imo) the next day
any steamed or stir fried veggie that is not still kinda crisp

He is getting better. But if I do cook any of the foods on that list he gives me this look like I drowned a kitten or something, until he realizes that there's plenty of food for him, more than one thing, and I made that other stuff for myself. Because I like all of those things and I would go crazy if I could only have them in restaurants. and I cooked the shit so shut up. Beeyotch.

Things he does like:
decadent foods I never would have bought on my own because they are "too expensive" but are quite lovely and worth it
stinky cheese
fresh organic everything
homecooked meals
99% of what I cook for him
gourmet salads and soups and meals that previously would have seemed like too much effort to me but really aren't once you get the hang of them

Hilary said...

"peas (what are you? three years old?)"


I was going to mention that I forgot about the peas. Picky won't eat peas, but the kids will. Check out my next post on what we had for lunch.

Oh, and the drowned kitten look. LOL!