Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Substitution nightmare

I decided to make Moo Shu pork for some reason tonight. I had a weird assortment of pantry and fridge items, and figured I could pull it off. I sort of followed this recipe for Moo Shu Pork, and was going to follow this recipe for a gluten free hoisin sauce, which was already pushing it.

Well, we just started rolling out the pancakes when I figured out I didn't have any soy sauce.

None. Not a packet, even. I am almost ashamed to admit this: I used Worcestershire sauce. I swear. I am hanging my head in shame. I went through the trouble of making Moo Shu from scratch with pancakes from scratch, fresh scallions from my yard, and I didn't have any soy sauce.

Actually, it wasn't half bad. Z had a whole one, S had a whole one (he had already eaten pizza), Picky ate FOUR, I had three. Picky has never had Moo Shu, and he loved it. I hate to think what he'll say when he eats some made with real hoisin sauce and real soy suace.


Anne said...

A fair substitute in a pinch! Just curious about why using a gluten-free hoisin with soy sauce, though? Have you tried wheat-free tamari? I find it to be totally comparable to regular soy sauce. :O)

MomTFH said...
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MomTFH said...

Thanks! I just thought I would have the ingredients to make it. I am not gluten free specifically. I have used the wheat free tamari. I found it to be just fine.