Sunday, June 17, 2007

Picky's Father's Day Menu

Salad with fresh tomatoes and red onions and cheddar cheese and my salad dressing (Even my no veggie eatin' brother asked for seconds on salad. Seriously)

Buffalo wings made with my roasted hot sauce (Oops, forgot to buy the wings when I went to the store. We had tons of food, anyway).

Sweet mini pepper "poppers" with roasted hot sauce and cheese

Corn (Red and white sweet corn. It was delish)

Smoked BBQ baby ribs with a dry rub, homemade BBQ sauce on the side (Killer)

Mac n cheese (I used Paula Dean's recipe. Ehhhhh, too eggy)

Brownies a la mode with hot fudge and mini M n Ms (No one wanted the M n M's. I made the brownies with new Hershey's Special Dark cocoa. They were the best I have EVER had, I am serious).

Oh, yeah.

Pictures now posted!


J-Rap said...

Drooooooling. Can't wait for the food porn!

J-Rap said...

Ooh, there it is!

Hilary said...

I aim to please!

Pamela Huxtable said...

Hilary, I am inundated with mini bell peppers from my garden (this is a great veg to grow at home and it's very good in a pot if you don't have room). Please, please, what's your recipe for the poppers? And if you have any other recipes that would be good for mini bells, please tell me. I'm trying to find a good pickle recipe, but it's not easy.

Swistle said...

I had to click the brownie picture to see it LARRRRRRRRGE.....*drooling*