Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pickiness abounds

So, I was talking about food near someone today who started making "yuck" faces- one of my pet peeves. Don't yuck my yum, people. The really funny thing is, she immediately started arguing about how she doesn't like most seafood, but she "isn't picky". She won't eat anything with a shell - crustacean or bivalve. And most fish is "too fishy". Seafood is usually a good litmus test to me as to whether someone is a picky eater. Then she proceeds to say she doesn't eat any cheese unless it's melted. (?!!!) She hates goat cheese, only likes cow cheese, but will eat feta (which she kept arguing with me wasn't goat cheese. It is. It is sheep cheese, too.) She will eat watermelon but not cantaloupe or honeydew. She won't eat any "gamey" meat, like lamb, goat, rabbit, venison, etc.

And she kept defending that she wasn't a picky eater. Right. Whatever, everyone is entitled to her food issues. Just have a little insight into the fact that you have them, and these aren't inherently gross foods.

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