Monday, March 29, 2010

South Beach diet Day 1: breakfast

I have started the South Beach diet today. I made scrambled eggs with chopped fresh spinach, mushrooms and shallots. I put salsa verde on mine. Picky and Z put shredded cheese and ketchup on theirs.

It was super delicious.

Now for some complaining about Picky, which is part of the reason why I keep this blog.

You may recall that Picky earns his name by having many food rules. One of the strictest that has led to fights between us involves eggs. In fact, I think our first food argument was over putting onions in eggs. His attitude: nothing but cheese, no way but scrambled. I tried to reason with him about other ingredients I know he eats in other contexts (i.e. the spinach, mushrooms and shallots mentioned above) and I get back a no, no way, no how response. I tried to tell him there is a difference between having a favorite way to eat something and being repulsed by all other ways to prepare it. Nope.

So, Picky did recently tell me he would go on the South Beach Diet with me. He flipped through the book, saw a few recipes for steak, and thought it would work. Well, first meal, first day, we lock horns. Every breakfast is some combination of eggs and vegetables. After another argument about it, I went ahead and made scrambled eggs with the above ingredients. He cleaned his plate, and when we were done, I asked him how they were. He said "Good."

*bang head*

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