Sunday, September 21, 2008

Z's birthday

Z's birthday is tomorrow. I am bringing cupcakes with green icing (his request) to his school. I am also getting an ice cream cake for dinner. I am not baking either. I have a quiz, two written exams and a practical exam this week. I think I can deal with store bought.

I asked him what he wanted for dinner tomorrow night. Here are his suggestions:

String cheese
Eggs and bacon
Nachos (the he said "S likes those!!")
AND cake!!

Uh, I have no idea what to make him for dinner tomorrow night.


De in D.C. said...

I think eggs, bacon and string cheese would all work really well on some breakfast nachos ;) Maybe throw on some onion and peppers if he'll eat those.

MarsBar said...

I am new to the blogspot and was cherishing a blog by a very talented writer and fellow nurse when I read your comment to one of her stories. The story about the screaming pregnant mother? Remember what you wrote? You were very reprimanding and said "the blame the patient shit is getting old".

"An epidural is not the answer to a hysterical mom that wants a natural birth"

Did you just skip over the part where the patient was screaming "Cut it out! Cut it out!" That sounds like an invitation to a perform a C-sec to me.

Don't be so negative on a talented writer that has already said her blog is for entertainment and that

"If you have no sense of humor or tend to take things way too personally, this blog is not for you. If that isn't clear enough for you, see the disclaimer."

Let me tell you, it isn't for you.